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This dialog is available by selecting the File/Options... menu command from the main window and then pressing the Advanced Options button.



System Name

This is the name used for this system when greeting another mail server.  Leave this option blank to use this computer's name.  This option is only important when sending directly to your recipients, you can ignore it otherwise.  When sending direct this should be the domain name of your rDNS entry for your static IP address.  When sending direct, for standards compliance your system name should be a fully qualified domain name, like:  Some mail servers may require this, but most do not.  This is the name used when greeting other mail servers with the HELO/EHLO command.

Receive Timeout

This is the timeout period when waiting for data to come back from the mail server.  If data doesn't come back within this number of seconds, the current e-mail will be aborted, and AutoMSW will continue on with the next e-mail.

Send Timeout

This is the timeout period when trying to send data to the mail server.  If data can't be sent within this number of seconds, the current e-mail will be aborted, and AutoMSW will continue on with the next e-mail.

Encoding Character Set

Specifies the character set to use for encoding the messages.  You can specify any 8 bit character set name.  The default is iso-8859-1.  (more info)

When Sending Directly to Recipient, Only Verify Address

Turns on/off the "Verify" mode.  This option only applies with using the Send Directly to Recipient sending method.  When this option is enabled AutoMSW connects to the recipients mail server, and verifies that their e-mail address is still valid, and accepted by their mail server.  It then disconnects, without actually sending a message.  The recipient will not receive any message.  This is a useful option for checking the quality of your mailing list without actually sending e-mails.

Skip Duplicate Recipients

When this option is on, only one message will be sent to each unique e-mail address in the mailing list.  If the mailing list has the same e-mail address listed multiple times, the duplicate entries will be skipped.

'Cc' on All Sent Emails:

Use this option to carbon copy one or more e-mail addresses on all of the e-mails being sent.  This feature is only available when you are sending through an SMTP mail server.  The "Cc" e-mail address(es) can be entered as just an e-mail address:

or to copy multiple e-mails addresses, separate the e-mails with a comma and a space:,

or it can include a "display name" in the format shown here:

"Bob Jones" <>

In the case where you have a display name, most e-mail clients will display the display name (Bob Jones in this example).  You can only specify one e-mail address when using this format.

'Bcc' on All Sent Emails:

Works the same as the "'Cc' on All Sent Emails" option, but this blind carbon copies the specified e-mail address(es)

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