AutoMSW supports adding attachments to your bulk emails.  Both "global" and "recipient specific" attachments can be used.


Global Attachments:

Global attachments are specified on the main user interface, and are sent to all recipients.  Use this method when you want all recipients in your mailing list to receive the specified attachment(s).  You can use both global and recipient specific attachments at the same time.


Recipient Specific Attachments:

Recipient specific attachments are specified in your mailing list, so you can send a different attachment to each recipient.  Use this method when each recipient needs to receive a different file.  To create a recipient specific attachment, create one or more fields in your mailing list that begin with AttachFile.  You can have an unlimited number of recipient specific attachments, and you can also use global attachments at the same time.  An example mailing list with 2 recipient specific attachments is shown below:


This example uses 2 fields AttachFile1 and AttachFile2 to specify recipient specific attachments.  If a particular recipient does not need this attachment, leave that field empty for this recipient.  This is shown in the above example, where Fred does not have anything specified for AttachFile1, so in this case, Fred will only have 1 recipient specific attachment.  The above example shows that Martha will not receive any recipient specific attachments.  If a recipient specific attachment is specified in your mailing list and AutoMSW cannot open this file for reading, the email to that recipient will fail, and this recipient will be placed in the failed logs.  The recipient specific attachment field should specify the full path and filename of the attachment to send.


You can also use the wildcard characters * and ? when specifying recipient specific attachments.  For example:


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