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On the main window you will enter the location of your mailing list file into the To: edit box.  AutoMSW can accept Comma Separated Value (.CSV) or Tab Delimited (.TXT) files for mailing lists.  The only difference between these 2 file formats is that one uses a comma, and the other uses the tab character as the field delimiter.  The first line in a mailing list contains the names of the fields.  Here is an example mailing list using the CSV format:

John Doe,
Mary Smith,
Alex Bell,

This example mailing list has 2 fields: Name and E-Mail.  Mailing lists are required to have a field name containing the text "E-Mail".  This field will be used as the "To:" e-mail address when sending the message.  This example has 3 records, so 3 e-mails would be sent when using this mailing list.


Blank lines and lines beginning with "//" will be ignored.  Here is the same mailing list using comments:

// This mailing list is for notifying

// all customers of Product ABD

// about the new release of version 4.5.


John Doe,
Mary Smith,
Alex Bell,

If any field needs to contain the delimiter character (comma or tab), use double quotes around that field.  For example:

John Doe,$450,
Mary Smith,$530.75,
Alex Bell,"$1,300",

Notice the $1,300 has a comma in it, so it is surrounded by double quotes.  The double quotes are not part of the field, and will be discarded for mail merge purposes.  If you need a double quote in a field use 2 double quotes in a row.  Fields can contain line breaks if desired.  The maximum allowed length of any line is 512 characters.


Tip: If you have your mailing list in Excel or another spreadsheet, save it as a "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)" or "Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt)" file to create your mailing list.


Tip: When an AutoMSW job finishes it will create 3 new mailing lists for you.  One will contain the list of successfully e-mailed recipients.  The second will contain the list of failed recipients.  These first 2 mailing lists will be formatted the same as your original mailing list.  The third mailing list will contain all the failed recipients, along with a new field containing the reasons why the e-mails failed.  This can be useful in helping clean up your mailing lists.  To view these new mailing lists see the View menu from the main window.

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