Program Options


This dialog is available by selecting the File/Options... menu command from the main window.



Pause X Second(s) Between E-Mails

Use this option to create a delay between each e-mail that is sent.  To send at the fastest rate, set this to 0.  This option can be useful when using your ISP's SMTP server.  Many ISPs consider you to be sending spam if you send more than 100 e-mails per hour.  With this option you can control the rate at which you send.

Use X Thread(s) To Send E-Mails

Adjust how many parallel threads will be used to send your e-mails.  Enter a value between 1 and 150.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection and the sending method, a higher thread count is not always faster.  Using too many threads on a slow connection can cause timeouts, and an overall slower throughput.  You may also find it useful to adjust the send/receive timeouts under the advanced options to optimize your throughput.

Try X Time(s) to Re-Send Failed E-Mails

Set this to the number of times AutoMSW should re-try to send e-mails that couldn't be sent in the previous pass.

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