Sending Methods


AutoMSW can send e-mails using 3 different methods.  These methods can be adjusted in the E-Mail Configuration dialog box, available by pressing the Change... button on the main window.



Send Directly To Recipient

With this method AutoMSW uses it's built in SMTP server to send your e-mails directly to the recipient.  When using this method the only option needed is to know your "From" e-mail address.  The "From" e-mail address can be entered as just an e-mail address:

or it can include a "display name" in the format shown here:

"Company Name" <>

In the case where you have a display name, the recipient will see your e-mail being from this display name (Company Name in this example).  This makes for a more professional looking e-mail.

This sending method requires that your port 25 is not being blocked.  [more info]
It is usually best to also have a static IP address with a reverse DNS entry when using this method.  [more info]

Send Using SMTP Mail Server

With this method AutoMSW sends the e-mails to the specified SMTP server.  This can be your ISP's SMTP mail server, or any other SMTP mail server you may have access to.  With this method you must specify the SMTP mail server, your "From" e-mail address, whether or not to use authentication, and the port number.  If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter in your username and password as well.  If your SMTP server requires a secure connection, check this option.  Choose whether your server uses SSL or TLS for the secure connection.

The "From" e-mail address can be in the same formats as described above in the "Send Directly to Recipient" section.

Use MAPI Client for Sending E-Mail

With this method AutoMSW utilizes your MAPI compatible e-mail client, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL, or Messenger.  If you use a profile with your e-mail client, enter the profile name and password.

When using this send method AutoMSW will complete very quickly, as it will fill up your e-mail client's Outbox with all the messages, and then exit.  Your e-mail client then sends the messages, just as if you had composed them manually in your e-mail program.

One potential benefit of using this sending method is that any email account can be used.  For example, if you have a web based e-mail account set up inside Outlook Express it can be utilized with this sending method.

Tip:  Some e-mail clients will prompt you for approval when another application, such as AutoMSW,  tries to send e-mail using Simple MAPI.  In Outlook Express you can disable this prompt with "Tools / Options... / Security / Warn me when other applications try to send mail as me".


Use the "Advanced..." button to specify options related to DKIM signing emails or add custom email headers when using the Direct Send or SMTP Mail Server sending methods.  (more info)

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