Main Window Overview


The AutoMSW user interface is simple and straight-forward.  Just fill in the fields on the main window, and press the Start button ().  When a job is not running, the main window will appear as shown here:



To adjust the sending method press the Change... button.  Fill in the To edit box with the location of your mailing list file.  Enter a Subject for your message.


You can use your favorite text and HTML editors to create and save the message files.  Then, enter the location of these Message file(s).  If you only want to send a plain text message un-check the HTML or MHT option.  AutoMSW can send either just a plain text message, or a multipart message.  A multipart message contains both a plain text and HTML view of the message.  The recipient's e-mail reader decides which view will be shown to the reader.  Most modern e-mail readers are capable of showing the HTML view.  A plain text version of your message is always required, but the HTML version is optional.


Use the Browse... buttons next to each field to go find the desired file.  Use the magnifying glass buttons () to open the file in it's associated application.


If you want to have any global attachments added to your e-mails press the Add... button and go select the file(s) to attach.  You can attach as many files as you'd like.  To remove an attachment, select it from the attachments list, and then press the Remove button.


 Once you've filled in all the fields press the Start button ().  The mail job will begin, and the main window will appear similar to the following:



The job status and overall progress will be shown.  In the above example there are 1032 e-mail addresses in the mailing list.  So far, AutoMSW has sent 541 of them, with no failures.  AutoMSW can automatically re-try sending failed e-mails.  You can adjust the number of times to re-try failed e-mails under File / Options....  When re-sending failed e-mails, the Pass count will be incremented.  In the above example AutoMSW estimates there is 5 seconds remaining before the current pass completes.


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