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Revision History

When you purchase a license you receive free upgrades for 1 year from the date of your purchase.  If you would like to use a version released after 1 year you may upgrade at a reduced rate.  To find your purchase date look under "Help / About...".  The release dates for each version are shown below.  You can download an older version for your license.

February 23, 2022 version 8.1

  • Increased the maximum SMTP password size from 63 to 255 characters

February 22, 2022 version 8.0

  • Updated for Windows 11 compatibility
  • Added support for high resolution monitors
  • Updated used OpenSSL version to the latest
  • Cleaned up various menu commands

May 26, 2016 version 7.1

  • Added support for TLS when sending through a secure SMTP server.  Previously only SSL was supported.
  • Added wildcard (* and ?) support to recipient specific attachments (AttachFile<#>)
  • Built with the latest compiler for improved speed and security
  • Updated used OpenSSL version to the latest (1.0.2h)

August 29, 2015 version 7.0

  • Updated for Windows 10 compatibility
  • Added the option to include custom headers in the email headers.  Useful for special things like List-Unsubscribe.  The custom header field body value supports mail merge, so you can have the custom headers customized for each email sent.

March 12, 2015 version 6.3

  • Improvements in setup program
  • Improvements in reading license when there are extra lines inserted
  • Fixed small memory leak

November 17, 2014 version 6.2
(For licensing purposes the release date of 6.2 remains the same as version 6.1 (November 8, 2014) since this release is strictly a maintenance release.)

  • Bug fix related to entering of the license key

November 8, 2014 version 6.1

  • Updated website links within the program to use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Several miscellaneous speed/reliability improvements

August 7, 2014 version 6.0

April 22, 2014 version 5.2

  • Heartbleed bug fix.  Re-compiled with version of OpenSSL without Heartbleed bug.  Heartbleed bug affects clients as well as servers, so any connections to secure servers with prior versions of AutoMSW could leave the client machine open to exploit.

November 15, 2013 version 5.1

  • Bug fix: Program could crash when using multiple threads and sending through an SMTP server with SSL

April 13, 2013 version 5.0

  • Updated for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Added a command line interface command (Clear Attachments) to reset attachments to none. Previously, any GUI added attachments were also sent when using command line interface.
  • Added command line interface options for setting sending options: seconds to pause between e-mails, number of threads, and re-try attempts

December 1, 2011 version 4.3

  • Bug fix: The advanced options to CC and BCC all sent emails to a specified email address were being ignored when sending through an SMTP server that requires a secure connection (SSL).

April 17, 2010 version 4.2

  • Files being used by AutoMSW can now be open for edit in other applications at the same time AutoMSW is using them.  This makes it possible to have files like your mailing list open in Excel at the same time you are using them to send in AutoMSW.  Previously the files being used by AutoMSW had to be closed by all other applications for AutoMSW to be able to read them.

February 21, 2010 version 4.1

  • Changed product name from "Auto Mailer" to "AutoMSW" due to trademark issues.  Everything about the program is the same, except the name has changed.

January 7, 2010 version 4.0

  • Updated for Windows 7 compatibility
  • Added recipient specific message capability
  • Added option to specify system name used when sending direct
  • Main window "Browse..." buttons initialize selection dialog to folder of currently selected file.  Makes it easier when switching files.

July 29, 2008 version 3.2

  • Added ability to Cc or Bcc one or more e-mail addresses on all sent e-mails.  See "File / Options... / Advanced Options...".
  • Expanded capabilities of the command line interface.  Sending method, options, and 'From' e-mail address can now be specified in the arguments file.  See the command line documentation for more details.

May 23, 2008 version 3.1

  • Updated for Windows Vista compatibility
    • Log files stored in user's application data area
    • Manifested to run with current user permission level
  • Input files checked for ANSI encoding when starting a job.  If any files are not ANSI encoded (UTF-8 or Unicode) a warning will be shown.  Checks mailing list, text message, and HTML message files.

December 2, 2007 version 3.0

  • Added support for relaying through SMTP mail servers requiring a secure (SSL) connection.
  • Added support for selecting a Web Archive (*.MHT) file for the HTML message.  This feature makes it possible to included embedded graphics within the email, so they don't have to be referenced and downloaded off of an external web site.

September 24, 2007 version 2.10
(For license purposes, this release date is September 10, 2007)

  • Bug fix: Program could crash under some circumstances

September 10, 2007 version 2.9

  • Significantly improved (> 100X) the encoding speed for attachments
  • Improved reliability by checking for and removing leading or trailing white space in both mail server name and "from" email address.

April 3, 2007 version 2.8
(For license purposes, this release date is March 23, 2007)

  • Bug fix: Saving profiles was not always saving the current settings

March 23, 2007 version 2.7

  • Bug fix: Direct sending method was not working under older Windows versions in some cases

March 13, 2007 version 2.6

  • Added support for "Profiles".  Easily store and recall multiple profiles.  Profiles memorize and recall all program settings.  See "File / Profiles".
  • Utilizes modern common controls when available for improved User Interface appearance
  • Improved mailing list parsing, so an un-matched double quote does not consume the rest of the mailing list
  • Added support for wildcards in the "AddAttachment" statement for the command line interface

February 9, 2007 version 2.5
(For license purposes, this release date is July 31, 2006)

  • New installation program
  • Added menu command: Help / AutoMSW on the Web / Support Forum...
  • Added menu command: Help / GoTrackNow Tracking...

July 31, 2006 version 2.4

  • Bug fix:  In some cases the program could crash when using the "Browse..." dialogs

July 7, 2006 version 2.3

January 12, 2006 version 2.2

  • Minor improvement in SMTP module to improve compatibility with more mail servers.

November 26, 2005 version 2.1

August 10, 2005 version 2.0

  • Command line interface added.
  • Mail merge fields are now case insensitive.
  • Improved robustness of SMTP sending.
  • Bug fix: Daylight savings time was not always properly accounted for when setting message time.

November 9, 2004 version 1.10

  • Added option to specify the character set for encoding the message and subject.  See "File / Options... / Advanced Options...".

October 28, 2004 version 1.9

  • Added a "Message-ID" field to SMTP headers.  Helps prevent email from being rejected by some servers.
  • Fixed a bug in the SMTP communications.  Corrected the HELO/EHLO command to use the source server name instead of the destination server name.  This was causing some servers to reject email.

September 13, 2004 version 1.8

  • Mail merge works in subject as well as message body now.
  • Bug fix: When using MAPI send method the message body was being sent in quoted printable format.

August 25, 2004 version 1.7

  • Bug fix: Mail merge fields were not always substituted properly.

July 12, 2004 version 1.6

  • Removed all email addresses from documentation, replaced with contact form at Attempting to address spam problems...
  • Improved display of remaining time by preventing too rapid of updates.
  • Bug fix: Message lines beginning with a period were not being properly encoded.

June 7, 2004 version 1.5

  • Added "Subject" encoding when appropriate.
  • Bug fix: The header field "Date" is always formatted in English as documented in RFC2822. This was previously causing problems under non-English versions of Windows.

May 27, 2004 version 1.4

  • Bug fix: Date in the message header was not always displayed properly when running Windows 95, 98, or ME.

May 25, 2004 version 1.3

  • Switched character encoding to ISO-8859-1 for improved display of special characters, like ä, é, etc...

May 18, 2004 version 1.2

  • Bug fix: Attachments were not always formatted properly.

May 17, 2004 version 1.1

  • Attachment support.  You can now have any number of attachments added to your emails, no matter which sending method you're using.
  • Support for a "Display Name" in the "From" email address.  Example:

"Acme Inc." <>

  • Improved status messages when in "Verify" mode.
  • Added "Remaining Time" to the status when running.
  • Automatic delimiter detection in mailing lists.  Detects whether a comma or tab is being used as the delimiter based on the mailing list file's content.  Filename extension (*.csv or *.txt) now only used as a backup for determination of delimiter.
  • Added some color to the Play, Stop, and Pause buttons.
  • Miscellaneous improvements in the online help.
  • Bug Fix:  Direct send mode running under Win2K sometimes did not resolve the correct mail server.

May 3, 2004 version 1.0 Initial Release | Contact Us