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No Spam Policy

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AutoMSW is intended for legitimate bulk emails to your customers, clients, or other contact lists. Using AutoMSW to send spam is prohibited.  To deter AutoMSW from being used to send spam, the following protection has been added to AutoMSW:

  1. AutoMSW assigns itself a unique identifier, based off your license key.
  2. Every bulk e-mail sent by AutoMSW will have this identifier in the e-mail header.  It is located in the X-Mailer header field.

If we are notified that a copy of AutoMSW is being used to send spam, we will first contact you with this information.  Hopefully the problem can be corrected, but in the case where spam continues to be sent we will revoke your license.

Here are the rules we use in determining if an email is spam:

  • Does the recipient expect to be receiving email from you?  Are they an existing customer, client, contact, or someone who has opted in to your mailing list?
  • Does your email contain a valid "from" address, so that if someone replied to your message they would get a response from a real person?

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If you have received spam from someone using AutoMSW please notify us. | Contact Us