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Maintaining IP Address Reputation

Your static IP address earns a reputation as it sends emails.  By following good sending practices you can maintain a good reputation, and increase the likelihood that your emails will be delivered to recipient's inboxes instead of being placed in spam.

Feedback Loop Reports (FBLs)
When a recipient marks your email as spam, this hurts the reputation of your IP address.  To help keep a good reputation, promptly remove anyone who requests to be removed/unsubscribed.  You can also sign up for Feedback Loop Reports (FBLs) from many of the major email providers (AOL, Comcast, Hotmail, etc).  This will provide you with valuable information on how many and which users marked your emails as spam, so you can remove these users from your mailing list.

SPAM Blacklists
There are many spam blacklists maintained that keep track of IP addresses known to send spam.  Receiving mail servers may subscribe to these blacklists, and not accept email from you if your IP address is in a blacklist.  You want to make sure your static IP address is not in any of these blacklists.  You can check if your IP address is in any of these blacklists with a variety of online tools.  Just search for spam blacklist check to find a list of these tools.  If your IP address is in a blacklist you can request it be removed, but you need to make sure you are following good sending practices to make sure it stays out of these blacklists.

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