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Tips For Successful Email Delivery

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to best send emails, so that they actually get delivered, and aren't blocked by the recipient's spam filter.  Here we give some tips on how to make sure your emails get delivered.  Following these tips will greatly improve your delivery rate, and ensure your business or organization is bulk emailing in a professional manner.

Make Sure Your Recipients Really Want Your Email
You should only be sending emails to recipients who have opted into your mailing list.  This can include customers who have purchased from you before, newsletter subscribers, organization members, or others who have explicitly requested to be on your mailing list.  There are many legitimate uses for sending bulk email.

If you bought a mailing list from a third party, this is not a legitimate use of AutoMSW.  See our no-spam policy.

Use A Valid "From" Email Address
The recipient should be able to reply to your email, and have it get delivered back to you.  Spam filters/software have a variety of methods to detect invalid or forged "From" addresses, and will often block your message based on this.

Have An Easy Opt-Out Method
If one of your recipients decides they no longer want to receive emails from you they should have an easy way to get off your mailing list.  This can be a link in your email that directs them to a form on your web site or immediately un-subscribes them.  You can also give other instructions for unsubscribing, like asking them to just email you back with "unsubscribe" in the subject.

Direct Send Specific Tips:
See Direct Send Sending Tips when using AutoMSW's "Direct Send" method (the built-in SMTP server) to send your emails. | Contact Us