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Direct Send Tips For Successful Email Delivery

When using AutoMSW's direct send sending method, AutoMSW acts as the sending mail server, and sends the emails directly to each recipient's mail server, instead of relaying through another mail server.  To enable this sending method, click the "Change..." button in the "From" section of AutoMSW, and choose "Send Directly to Recipient".  This is a good sending method to use if you have lots of emails to send, and do not want to be subject to another mail server's quota/limitations.

In addition to the general bulk email sending tips, use the following tips when sending emails directly to recipients with the "Direct Send" feature.

Send From A Static IP Address
Run AutoMSW from a computer that is connected to the internet with a static IP address.  (more info)

Record A Reverse DNS (rDNS) Entry
Record a reverse DNS (rDNS) entry for your static IP address.  For example, you can assign a name like to your static IP address.  (more info)

Record A Forward DNS (A) Entry
Record a forward DNS entry for the name you assigned as your reverse DNS entry.  Record an A type DNS record assigning the name you used (example: to your static IP address.  (more info)

Set the System Name in AutoMSW
Assign a "System Name" in AutoMSW under "File / Options... / Advanced Options...".  Record the same name you assigned as your reverse DNS entry.  For example:

Send From Same Domain
Set the "From" email address to be from the same top level domain as the name you used in your reverse DNS entry.  For example:

Create an SPF Record
Create an SPF record that includes your static IP address in the allowed to send emails list for your domain.  (more info)

DKIM Sign Your Emails
Set up AutoMSW to sign your emails using DKIM.  (instructions)

Maintain the Reputation of your Static IP Address
Make sure your static IP address has and keeps a good reputation by following the bulk email sending tips and periodically checking to make sure your IP address is not in any blacklists.  (more info)

Port 25 is Not Blocked
Verify your ISP is not blocking port 25 on your internet connection  (more info)

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