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Static IP Address

Most home computers that connect to the internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be given a dynamic IP address by their ISP.  It is called a dynamic IP because it could be different each time you connect.  If your computer is connected via a dynamic IP address you should avoid using AutoMSW's "Direct Send" feature.  Instead, send using your ISP's SMTP server.  To use your ISP's SMTP server choose the "Change..." button in the "From" section in AutoMSW, and choose the SMTP mail server option.  If you would like to obtain a static IP address, contact your ISP.  Many ISPs will offer a static IP for an additional monthly charge.

Most business internet connections offer a static IP address with the service.  If you're not sure if you have a static or dynamic IP address, contact your Internet Service Provider.

The IP address assigned by your ISP is the WAN IP address for your router.  IP addresses within your local area network (LAN) do not matter for the purposes being described here.  It is only important that your WAN IP address be a static IP address.

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