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How To Create A Web Archive (*.MHT) File for E-Mailing

AutoMSW supports sending either HTML or MHT files for the message body.  MHT files are also called "Web Archives", or sometimes MIME HTML (MHTML) files.  MHT files offer the advantage that they include all embedded images in the one document.  This means that the email will include all the images needed to view the message.  This is an advantage over HTML files where the images must be referenced off of an external web server.  See Using Images with HTML files for more information.

An MHT file can be created from within Internet Explorer or MS Word 2002 or later.  To save an MHT file from within Internet Explorer choose "Page / Save As..." and under "Save as type" choose "Web Archive, single file (*.mht)".  To save under MS Word select "File / Save As..." and choose to save to the .mht file type.

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